ACS Lab has a number of projects from government and industrial agencies in India and abroad. These include 2 projects from Department of Science and Technology (DST), 3 projects from Industry (2 from Purdue Pharma and 1 from Rx Data Science), 1 project from DeitY and industry (NMSWorks), 1 project from DRDO, and 1 project from IIT Mandi. Some other projects are likely to mature in the near future. Details of sponsored research and consultancy projects is provided in the table below.

Project Name
Sponsoring Agency
Decisions under Risk: Modeling Choices at the Individual Level in Decisions from Information Search
Tata Consultancy Services
15 lakhs
Varun Dutt Neha Sharma (Ph.D. student)
Why do people exhibit a lack of understanding about Earth’s Climate? Influence of repeated feedback
IIT Mandi
5 lakhs
Varun Dutt
Building a Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace: A Behavioral Game-Theoretic Approach
23 lakhs
Varun Dutt V. S. Chandrashekhar Pammi (CBCS, University of Allahabad)
Decisions from experience: An ERP investigation of decision based on valuation of outcomes and probabilities
19 lakhs
Debarati Bandhyopadhyay Varun Dutt (Mentor)
Machine Learning and Data Mining for Sales and Analytics in Pharma
Purdue Pharma
65 lakhs
Varun Dutt
Visualization of Big Data in Pharmaceutical Industry
Purdue Pharma
6 lakhs
Varun Dutt
Design of Advanced Big-Data Analytics in the CygNet Network Management System for Large Telecom Networks
DeitY; NMSWorks
140 lakhs
A. D. Dileep Timothy A. Gonsalves, Aditya Nigam, Sriram Kailasam, Samar Agnihotri, Varun Dutt
Visvesvaraya PhD Scheme for Electronics & IT in 2014-15
310 lakhs
Anil Sao Varun Dutt (Mentor)
Development of human-performance modeling framework via physiological and signal processing tools for visual cognitive enhancement in IVD, VR, and AR paradigms
23 lakhs
Varun Dutt
Efficient query and visualization of Big-Data
Rx Data Science, L.P., USA
7 lakhs
Varun Dutt
Development and Evaluation of Landslide Risk Communication Solutions in Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh
State Council for Science, Technology & Environment, H.P.
6 lakhs
Varun Dutt Dr. Venkata Uday Kala, Dr. Veer Bhushan, Pratik Chaturvedi